Nail Polish Recycling Program


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Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program

The Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program is a unique recycling program designed specifically for recycling nail polish.

CHEMWISE Solution for Recycling Polish

This customized recycling program was developed by industry experts in reverse distribution. Whether you have one location or thousands, CHEMWISE developed this program to scale to any customer’s needs. Purchasing this program allows customers the ability to recycle nail polish with CHEMWISE.

We help clients tell a story about what happens to their unwanted polish. Imagine telling your customers that your unwanted polish is used to cover graffiti in your local community, or that polishes you send are used as an acrylic paint for surfboards.

We want to help you tell your story. The CHEMWISE reverse distribution nail polish recycling program is the perfect way to bring your story to life.


How it Works

1. After enrolling in the CHEMWISE Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling program (by purchasing this service) go ahead and buy the number of SMARTbeauty Packs you need.

2. CHEMWISE will ship out your SMARTbeauty Packs to your location fully assembled.

3. Open the SMARTbeauty Pack and place your unwanted polish inside. Apply the pre-paid return postage label and UPS will pick it up.

4. CHEMWISE will process and recycle all components of the nail polish sent to us. Clients that wish to receive recycling data may purchase aggregate or granular recycling data in either of our two data reporting packages.