SMARTbeauty Pack 2-pack


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SMARTbeauty Pack 2-pack

The SMARTbeauty Pack is the ultimate solution to recycling your unwanted nail polish! This kit is the perfect size to recycle polish with ease.

Much more than a mail in recycling kit

This reverse distribution recycling pack was custom designed by industry experts for safety, efficiency, and sustainability. We reuse many of the materials of the pack and designed them this way intentionally. The pack you receive may have already transported hundreds to thousands of polishes destined for a second life. We do use clean cardboard boxes for each order because many of our clients like to show the recycling kit at their business informing their clients they manage unwanted nail polishes responsibly. The cardboard is recycled once it has been used.

The SMARTbeauty Pack is much more than a mail in recycling kit. It's the beginning of many stories that are told on client's websites. Stories like how their nail polish was used to paint surfboards, industrial equipment, or even how the polish was used to cover up graffiti in their local community.

The perfect size

The SMARTbeauty Pack is the perfect size - 10 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches. This pack ships out weighing only 2 pounds. The SMARTbeauty Pack can hold up to 100* polishes depending on the size. Each SMARTbeauty Pack comes with the following:

  • 1. Prepaid UPS Ground Shipping (both ways).
  • 2. SMARTinstructions – We include instructions so that if someone that did not purchase the SMARTbeauty Pack receives it they will be able to easily understand how to use it.
  • 3. SMARTagreement - This declaration confirms the client followed the instructions and prepared the SMARTbeauty Pack accordingly.
  • 4. Poly liner - Sometimes the polish breaks in transit. We like to reuse the plastic inserts as many times as possible. The poly liner helps extend the life of the plastic inserts.
  • 5. Limited quantity sticker - Each SMARTbeauty Pack arrives with a limited quantity sticker to comply with Department of Transportation regulations as well as UPS shipping regulations.
  • 6. Customer Service – Feel free to reach out to a CHEMWISE team member at any time. We are ready to help with all your questions and concerns with one point of contact.

Some customers may wish to purchase data. CHEMWISE provides two data package options from simple metrics (i.e. pounds of material recycled) to robust statistics (i.e. pounds of glass nail polish bottles recycled, volume of acrylic nail polish recycled, pounds of plastic applicators recycled, pounds of cardboard packaging recycled, pounds of plastic wrapping recycled).

What to expect?

When you receive your SMARTbeauty Pack please keep everything (including the cardboard box). The outer fiberboard box should not be discarded.

You will receive SMARTinstructions with your SMARTbeauty Pack. The first page will list everything included in the SMARTbeauty Pack. Please check to make sure you received everything. If anything is missing just let us know. We will be happy to assist.

Each month you will receive 2 SMARTbeauty Packs automatically. Sit back and relax and we'll handle the rest.

*this is assuming the bottles are small and have been wrapped tightly with newspaper. Typically we see around 70 bottles of polish in each of the SMARTbeauty Pack on average.