Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program

The Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program is a unique recycling program for nail polish. In order to participate in recycling polish with CHEMWISE customers must be enrolled in this program and purchase SMARTbeauty Packs).

CHEMWISE solution for recycling polish

The Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program is the CHEMWISE solution for recycling polish. This customized recycling program was developed by industry experts in reverse distribution. Whether you have one location or thousands CHEMWISE developed this program to scale to any customer’s needs. By purchasing this program customers will be able to participate in recycling polish. Customers will need to purchase SMARTbeauty Packs in addition to enrolling in the Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program.

The annual program fee is due at the time of enrollment. The program is automatically renewed on your anniversary date which can be found in the programs tab in your SMARTaccount. Programs can be cancelled at any time. If the program is cancelled you will still be able to purchase SMARTpacks until your anniversary date. Since the program fee is an annual fee we do not prorate cancellations. Please enjoy the remainder of your service period before your anniversary date which services will not be automatically rebilled.

SMARTbeauty Pack

The SMARTbeauty Pack is the ultimate solution to recycling your unwanted nail polish! This kit is the perfect size to recycle polish with ease. Watch the video below to learn more about our exciting SMARTbeauty Pack.

Much more than a mail in recycling kit

The SMARTbeauty Pack is truly a remarkable product/service combo. This mail in recycling kit was custom designed by industry experts in reverse distribution. Not only are you getting the perfect pack to recycle your unwanted polish you are also getting access to one of CHEMWISE’s superb reverse distribution programs. In order to purchase SMARTbeauty Packs you must be registered through CHEMWISE and be enrolled in the Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program.

Participation in the Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program is open to individuals, corporations, salons, spas, retail locations, and others.

In order to participate please enroll in the Reverse Distribution Nail Polish Recycling Program. You will not be able to purchase SMARTbeauty Packs until you have enrolled in the program.

The perfect size

The SMARTbeauty Pack is the perfect size at a height of 10 inches, width of 10 inches, and length of 10 inches. This pack ships out weighing only 2 pounds. The SMARTbeauty Pack can hold up to 100 polishes depending on the size. Each SMARTbeauty Pack comes with the following:

  • 1. Prepaid UPS Ground Shipping Both Ways.
  • 2. SMARTinstructions – We include instructions so that if someone did not purchase the SMARTbeauty Pack receives it they will be able to easily understand how to use it.
  • 3. Certificate of Recycling – In your SMARTaccount you can easily view certificates of recycling for each SMARTpack purchase.
  • 4. Customer Service – Feel free to reach out to a CHEMWISE team member at any time. We are ready to help with all your questions and concerns.
  • 5. Tracking – In your SMARTaccount you can track every step of the way from placing your order to CHEMWISE processing your material.

Some customers may wish to purchase data. CHEMWISE provides several data package options from simple metrics (i.e. pounds of material recycled) to robust statistics (i.e. pounds of glass nail polish bottles recycled, volume of acrylic nail polish recycled, pounds of plastic applicators recycled, pounds of cardboard packaging recycled, pounds of plastic wrapping recycled). CHEMWISE can further differentiate data by providing aggregate data or granular data. Learn more about our different data package options here.

What to expect?

When you receive your SMARTbeauty Pack please keep everything. The outer fiberboard box should not be discarded. Please reuse the same box that we shipped your SMARTbeauty Pack in. This box includes an approval number which is vital to our team that will be sorting and processing your material. If we receive a SMARTbeauty Pack that is no in its original box it will delay processing and we may assess a surcharge. We also like to see boxes used multiple times before we recycle them.

You will receive SMARTinstructions with your SMARTbeauty Pack. The first page will list everything included. Please check to make sure you received everything. If anything is missing please let us know. We made it simple to notify us through your SMARTaccount. Just go to the help section and find the SMARTpacks section. Here you will see an option for “I didn’t receive everything in my SMARTpack”. You can let us know what you need and we will get replacement(s) sent out to you.